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Missing Performances from FujiNext Broadcast and Eng Sub MC Talks

Heart, Mind, and Soul


Rock With U

O’ – 正・反・合

Why? (Keep Your Head Down)

OCEAN (ENCORE) + SHINE~ウィーアー!~Summer Dream (ENCORE)+ In Our Time (ENCORE)

Somebody to Love 

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Kim Junsu. Honestly I don’t think I can imagine anyone who would be able to embrace the role of Dracula in the same way as Junsu- his unique rasping voice, his prowling sexiness and agility, and his absolutely incredible ability to hit the most soaring notes is second to none. Time and time again Junsu is proving his standing as not only Xia, but now as one of Korea’s premiere musical actors.

Kat Czornij in her review of Dracula the Musical

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140724 - Jaejoong twitter update

Before Yeonsu noona goes to America, all of us gathered at a house and spent a great time. Instead of saying about the outcome or the process, I’m thankful to meet great people through this work. Finally, the last 2 episodes of the drama! I ask for much of your support~

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140722 Junsu - “Dracula” musical press call performance

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