2012 MBC Drama Awards: Jaejoong - Best Male Newcomer & Yoochun - Best Actor


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Actually thinking of losing fans can make things very difficult. People who say that they are content with only producing music have most likely not felt the love of fans. Making music and being loved for it is a happiness that most do not know of. Doing it because you like it is one thing, but doing it for others is another. There is a whole different level of satisfaction. Same with cooking. You cook thinking; ‘I hope the person finds the food delicious’. If there were no one there to listen to our songs, that would be the worst feeling possible.

Kim Jaejoong (ELLE Interview)

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—You always care about your fans and you never forget gratitude and humility, I am sure that is a part of the reasons so many people never stop loving Tohoshinki. It reminded me of that again after I saw your stage in this tour (Yunho & Changmin: Thank you very much). I know this is a stupid question though: Do you think that part of you will never change in the future? You two are already big artists with many fans all over the world.

CM: (shaking his head to the sides to the word “big artists”) I don’t think we will change.
YH: We are not going to change.

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Holding Back The Tears - TVXQ

I’m holding back the tears

I run adding to the weight of my faith 

To a place that is neither high nor low 

Where a different me stands again 

With a small smile I can laugh