If you’re having a bad day, here have some kim jaejoong to cheer you up! If you’re having a great day, I bet your day just became better!

"Really wanna touch myself" – Park Yoochun

How to drink banana milk attractively: A demonstration by Park Yoochun

Dracula – A passionate figure of undeniable charm, overflowing with confidence. He possesses intense fury and ferocity, but also bears scars, sorrow and a delicate heart.

I think I found my favourite wink (^_−)☆

Happy Birthday Park Yoochun! 

I love how you are dorky, sentimental, talented all together. And I really love your dramas but I really need your music before you go anywhere. Please take care of yourself and thank you for existing on Earth. All the best for all your upcoming work! Oppa, hwaiting! Saranghae! ♡