140815 SMT in  SEOUL

Here, have some bambi changmin ♡ (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

Title: 永遠に
Artist: ゴスペラーズ & 東方神起
Played: 561 times


ゴスペラーズ & 東方神起 both groups with five members, both groups have worked really hard to achieve recognition for their incredible talent and harmony - is very rare to find a group of five members as extremely harmonious. 
The Gospellers members, all born in the early ’70s, have been singing professionally for half of their entire lives. 
It is so beautiful and amiable see them so proud and happy to be on stage with Tohoshinki, smiling and cheering every time one of the boys of Tohoshinki start singing. As often happens, even idols are fans of Tohoshinki and have absolute respect for them. 
Tohoshinki is one of the rare occasions that even being a foreign group their inspire a feeling of absolute love among the Japanese public and even among established Japanese artists. Plus: I love this performace because pride Jaejoong feels for Changmin is very visible~ 
This is one of the moments that The Gospellers and Tohoshinki fans and treasure the most. Our pride is absolutely understandable, right? 
Ten amazing singers sharing the stage, mutual respect and love of the public.

changmin’s mic was faulty during rehearsal (*ノ´□`)ノ | neverend未完

It is just me or sometimes I just sink into this deep thoughts of like “Will I like the five of them even more than I do right now?” Cus it’s always like the next day you realise that yes you do, you do love each of them a lil more. 

Jung Yunho doing his thang (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I was not there when the five of you began and made your debut, but I swear I’ll be there till the end of time. I found the five of you a little late but I’m so glad I did eventually. Thank you, TVXQ. Your music brought me utmost happiness and joy that I’ve never imagine myself to receive from a group. I will be here always keeping the faith and waving my red lightstick, the five of you can mark my words. 

plot twist: jaejoong is not going to upload that instagram video


what do you mean there is too much of changmin’s reblogs/posts what do you mean actually
there will neverrrrr be too much of changmin’s reblogs/posts
i mean never hahahaha