It is just me or sometimes I just sink into this deep thoughts of like “Will I like the five of them even more than I do right now?” Cus it’s always like the next day you realise that yes you do, you do love each of them a lil more. 

Jung Yunho doing his thang (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I was not there when the five of you began and made your debut, but I swear I’ll be there till the end of time. I found the five of you a little late but I’m so glad I did eventually. Thank you, TVXQ. Your music brought me utmost happiness and joy that I’ve never imagine myself to receive from a group. I will be here always keeping the faith and waving my red lightstick, the five of you can mark my words. 

plot twist: jaejoong is not going to upload that instagram video


what do you mean there is too much of changmin’s reblogs/posts what do you mean actually
there will neverrrrr be too much of changmin’s reblogs/posts
i mean never hahahaha

8 / ∞ of Shim Changmin’s charms: His ears

TVXQ dressing up a female model

  • New kpop fan: Who is Tong Vfang Xien Qi?
  • 1° Cassie: Dong Bang Shin Ki.
  • 2° Cassie: or Dong Bang Shin Gi.
  • 3° Cassie: You can call them Tohoshinki.
  • 4° Cassie: Rising Gods of The East ^^
  • 5° Cassie: You seem a little confused.. just call them to TVfXQ.
  • 6° Cassie: ...or just TVXQ..
  • 7° Cassie: or DBSK..
  • 8° Cassie: or DBSG..
  • 9° Cassie: or THSK..
  • New kpop fan: ...
  • 10° Cassie: Okay, Learn the names of the members first, it is easier..
  • 11° Cassie: Junsu!
  • 12° Cassie: You can call him "Xiah"..or "Xia" or "Angel Xiah"..or Duckbutt..
  • 13° Cassie: We have Yoochun, or Micky, or.. hey!! Come back!!!! There are more!