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Jung Yunho Airport Style


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DBSK words: Yunho, Yoochun and Junsu Discuss Lawsuit on AATVXQ3?


Watch from 9:03. Please ignore the subtitles since they are not very well done.


“I am not talking about only myself as a member of TVXQ, but if it is up to us five…
One might think that it is an easy thing, but it is much more difficult than it looks.
I don’t know if you (fans) can understand what I am saying…
but I think that, if it is the five of us now, we will be able to pull it off.
I will leave it to your imagination to figure out what I am talking about,
but there is something on our minds, and I think we will succeed.
We ask for your support.”

Watch from 4:20.

  Junsu: Recently, we have been talking a lot about our future.

Yunho: A lot. Lots and lots.

Junsu:“We especially talk about the future of TVXQ. First of all, we all believe that it is a given that the members of TVXQ should always be together.  The fact that we have to discuss something so certain is quite silly,  but I wish that things would stay the same…like now for a long time.
I think Yunho hyung has the most important role and duty in this as the central figure. If things stay the way they are right now, I believe TVXQ will be a very long-lasting group, and I want us to be.  It might be more difficult than we think.
Our decisions have never faltered, but we have realized why it might be so difficult.  Nevertheless, we should be able to make it happen. We are grateful that we have seen and learned from many others before us. I believe that is what gives us strength and helps with our comprehension.”

February, 2009: All five members agreed to leave SM.

Preparing for lawsuit

April 1st, 2009: Filming of Couple Talk AATVXQ3

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